About Us
Welcome to the wonderful world of Tabling. Centuries ago in medieval Europe, King Arthur headed a group of brave Knights called the 'Round Table'. Today's Knights, the Round Tablers, do not wear a shining armour. Instead, they are equipped with a large community vision, caring hearts and the will to achieve positive results.

Round Table is an organisation of non-political and non-sectarian young men between the age group of 18 and 40. The aim of the young men is to promote service, fellowship and goodwill in National and International affairs. The unique feature of this organisation is that it always remains young, because the Tablers retire when they turn 40, giving way to younger people.

Round Table was born in Britain 82 years back.

Louis Marchesi, then a Rotarian, formed the first Round Table in Norwich in England in 1927.

From a small group of 8 members, today Round Table has grown to 43,000 members across 52 countries representing every corner of the world.

Round Table's motto is "ADOPT, ADAPT, IMPROVE". This motto was taken from a speech by the Prince of Wales, in which he said: "The young business and professional men of the country must get together round the Table, adopt methods that have proved so sound in the past, adapt them to the changing needs of the times, and wherever possible, improve them".

Such a wonderful movement, Round Tabling came to India in 1957 with the formation of Madras Round Table No.1.

Round Table India, the association, was formed on November 14, 1962 with just a membership of 100. It has, over the last 4 decades, grown to become a 2500 member strong association today.

We have around 200 Tables located in 72 cities and towns, comprising of businessmen, entrepreneurs, technocrats and professionals. Men who can rise above personal concerns to seek and serve the larger needs of the community. On the administration front, Round Table India has a very active National Board, which guides the affairs of the association. Round Table India is divided into 11 Areas, which have their own Area Board to administer them.

The National Secretariat, the hub of all activities of Round Table India, is located at Chennai.

We have formed our own Round Table India Foundation which provides financial support every year for projects done by Tables. The Corpus of the Foundation is close to Rs.20 Million now.

The wives of Tablers have their own National Association called Ladies Circle India. Ladies Circle India is assisting every activity of Round Table India, apart from having their own service projects.

The Past Tablers of Round Table India have formed the "41 Clubs of India". This National Association of Past Tablers provides a lot of support to our service activity.

Round Table India is a member of Round Table International.

The one major source of fundraising by Round Table India apart from receiving donations from Corporates is the sale of Greeting Cards. Every year Round Table India releases exquisitely designed Greeting Cards for sale to Corporates and individuals. The substantial funds we raise from this effort goes to fund our community service efforts.